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Poppet Style Check Valve



Thomas designed the check valve poppet style for use in sturdy, heavy operations. The poppet is pressed by spring against the seat. By overcoming the spring force, the poppet will open allowing the fluid to flow freely through the check valve. This design keeps the axial flow force as low as possible. In reverse flow the poppet will block the fluid; the inner leakage is nearly zero.



Pressure Valve_Leibacher Hydraulics.png

Sturdy, contemporary designs for heavy operation use. These valves are used for the function of Pressure relief, Pressure reducing, Counterbalance- and Sequential valves, etc.



This valve controls the flow rate in hydraulic circuit in order to control the speed of an actuator. They are classified as throttle valves and pressure compensated flow control valves.

Flow Valve_Leibacher Hydraulics.png



Directional control valves are classified as either spool valves or poppet valves. Spool type valves have some internal leakage but higher flow. Poppet style valves are seat tight designs and have (in closed position) very low leakage of just few drops per minute. Both types manage the flow by changing the position. There are various directional control valves with different numbers of ways. The four way, 2 position valve, is the typical directional control valve to run a double acting actuator.

Directional Valve_Leibacher Hydraulics.p
colored valve knobs.png

Be colorful and stay connected!

The valve's aluminum hand knob offers color coding and fine valve adjustment. 

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