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Product Design: Hydraulic Valves and Control Unit + Valve Housing

Work Station

If the concept doesn't look promising, Move On!


Failure is always a great result leading to conversations about opportunities and enhanced ideas. Sometimes, the guidelines need additional simplification leading to a cost-effective design.


We are following the ideas and agile methods in engineering, and our product development process is rooted in robust design process-skills developed by engineering and designers over the past 100 years.


The design has to be simple, sturdy, and elegant — no electronic overload and overdesign of the component. Let's stay colorful and connect with everybody. The final result of good design is serving people and making life easier.

Market Development and Market Entry Strategies

Control Valve Testing3

Meet your new client by using existing products and promotion of new product ideas and services. Timing is crucial by staying authentic in actions and activities.


We communicate with the market and discover new opportunities remotely by using Social Networks and global accessible Interaction & Communication Platforms. Hopefully soon again additional by attending trade shows.


We can quickly adapt to the changing requirements of the individual client while adhering to the long-term vision.


Our market spans: Austria - Canada - Germany - Switzerland - United States

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